Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Las Vegas Bail Bondsman

Free Bail Bonds has the best Las Vegas Bail Bondsman that will take immediate action for quick bail bond processing and expedited jail release in Las Vegas, NV. Thomas "Bo Free", known as one of the best bail bondsman in Las Vegas has several years experience and relationships with the Clark County Nevada jails and knows what it takes to get someone released from CCDC as soon as possible.

Questions, Forms and Type of Bail Bonds

Once you contact Free Bail Bonds with all the information needed to write a bail bond, the bail bondsman will assist you with any questions you may have about filling out the forms, and what type of bail bond to choose. Don't panic as you are in the best of hands here. Our bail bondman is very knowledgeable with every aspect of the situation.

A Las Vegas Bail Bondsman will ask all the main questions about the accused, name, address and best contact phone number and the type of charge and where the defendant is being held so it is very important you have all of this gathered and ready before calling or coming into our office. To speed up the document process, please view our pdf downloadable forms for print.

Application - Proxy Form - Payment Authorization - Disclosure Notice - Indemnity Agreement Form

How Long Will The Bail Bondsman Document Process Take

The initial paperwork for the bail bondsman to process documents only takes about 10 minutes to be completed.  Once your forms are completed, the bail bondsman will then search for an inmate held at the Clark County Detention Center and handle things from here on out for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please call a bail bondsman anytime as we are open 24 hours a day.

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